Partnership Works Program

MHANY collaborates with other organizations to promote events, workshops, seminars and campaigns that seek to enhance the community and justice for all. MHANY's residents are encouraged to support these events and campaigns. Individuals and organizations can collaborate with MHANY to host workshops and seminars.  Click here to learn how to get involved.

MHANY takes a holistic approach concerning the success of constituents served. The following are areas of emphasis:

  • MHANY provides residents with safe, well maintained affordable housing

  • MHANY provides a network of referrals, service options and in-house workshops to empower residents

  • MHANY provides the opportunity for residents to advocate and make their voices heard via campaigns that focus on issues affecting the community

Building Maintenance

MHANY's Director of Maintenance ensures that residents receive high quality maintenance work on their units. Older buildings are currently being refaced while new buildings are maintained daily to keep them beautiful. Through our Partnership Works program MHANY is creating a landscaping and yard beautification plan to keep yard spaces beautiful.  Residents will have the opportunity to assist and play an important role in the beautification of their yard spaces

For Residents of MHANY Management, Inc. only:

If you are a resident of a MHANY building and:

  • need to discuss recertification and other resident related issues, please contact our HUD Programs & Resident Issues Director, Wilma Rivera at 718-246-8080 ext. 220 or our Compliance Director, Noelia Checo at 718-246-8080 ext. 209.

  • need to discuss legal matters, please contact Legal & Resident Coordinator, Elizabeth Ortiz at 718-246-8080 ext.268.

  • need to discuss repairs to your apartment, please call our Maintenance Coordinators Julia Slavik and Israel Lopez at 718-246-8080 ext. 244 or 208.

Referrals, Workshops & Trainings-

Residents are encouraged to attend our first time home buyer and credit & budgeting workshops. We will help you know if you are ready to purchase a home of your own.  MHANY uses its community rooms for resident & community empowerment events such as health fairs and educational workshops etc.  We have a comprehensive network of referral services, workshops & events that may focus on a myriad of topics and issues that you, our residents may need.

We would like you (MHANY Resident) to contact Ismene Speliotis, Executive Director at 718-246-8080 ext. 203 with suggestions and comments about what you and your family may need (in terms of various support services and educational workshops). Also, we want you to tell us what you think the community surrounding your MHANY home may need in terms of services and support that's not already provided by another organization.