Credit & Budget Workshop

MHANY has conducted workshops for prospective home buyers in need of assistance with budgeting, savings, and credit repair.  Most often and more recently, budget and credit counseling is done on a one-to-one basis. 

  • Prospective borrowers receive basic information on credit, budgeting, and savings at the First Time Homebuyer workshop

  • Once prospective borrowers have completed an application, brought in all necessary documents, counselor has reviewed the file - a one-on-one meeting with the assigned counselor is set up. At this meeting all documents are reviewed and a personal budget and systematic savings plan is developed and agreed upon

  • The counselor reviews the credit report with the borrower, helping him/her understand it and making a plan towards credit repair, if necessary

During 2019, MHANY will host Savings, Budget And Credit Seminars at various MHANY owned building locations.

Becoming a Landlord Workshop

Every individual who has attended MHANY's First Time Homebuyer Educational Program and who is interested in owning a multi-family dwelling (2, 3 or 4 family) is required to attend a landlord/tenant workshop or one-on-one session with a loan counselor. This class or counseling is offered to MHANY's clients who are becoming landlords.  All families attending this class or one-on-one counseling session (which ever is available at the time) will receive a Becoming a Landlord certificate which is required by the Lender. The components of the workshop or one on one counseling session include the following:

  • Responsibilities of a Landlord

  • Finding Reliable Tenants

  • Enforcing Rental Policies

  • What Should be Included in the Lease

  • Eviction

  • When Should You Evict a Tenant

  • What You Can Do To Avoid Eviction

  • How To Conduct An Eviction

  • Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the Value of the Property

  • Various Types of Insurance

  • Tax Benefits of Being a Landlord

Home Maintenance Training

This particular training is scheduled as needed.  Curriculum for this training covers basic home maintenance including:

  • The Five Major Systems of the Home (Plumbing; Electric; Heating; Windows; Roof)

  • Basic Carpentry

  • Structural Information

  • Prioritizing Repairs & Handling Emergencies

  • Hiring & Working with Contractors

  • Understanding & Evaluating a Contractor's Proposal

  • Safety & Security

  • On-site hands on training