MHANY Management Inc.

Governance A New York not-for-profit 501(c)(3)

  • This organization is all of the following: developer, property manager, marketing agent, loan counselor and administrative services entity; all staff are employed by this entity

  • Properties are held through HDFCs and tax credit limited partnerships controlled by MHANY Management Inc. or joint ventures jointly controlled by MHANY Management Inc.

  • The MHANY Management Inc. Board of Directors is composed of neighborhood leaders from our core neighborhoods who typically reside in our buildings

  • With the exception of Mutual Housing Association of New York, Inc., the property owning company Boards are composed of a subset of the MHANY Management Inc. Board

  • The Board is responsible for setting policies, including to determine rent increases, fill vacancies, settle resident disputes and control expenses that affect all residents

  • Executive Director reports to Board and staff reports to Executive Director