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Programs and Services

MHANY's Homeowner Celebration Pictures - June 14, 2012

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MHANY is committed to providing comprehensive home buyer education and loan counseling services for low and moderate-income first time home buyer families. MHANY also provides Default Loan & Foreclosure Prevention Counseling; Landlord workshops and Home Maintenance training. Workshops and trainings are scheduled weekly. Seminar schedules are posted on our events calendar monthly. Click here for events calendar.  Click here for a MHANY Brochure.

How it works

These sessions provide a brief overview of the requirements of homeownership and the services available through MHANY's homebuyer and loan counseling program.  Interested parties complete applications, provide necessary documents and are assigned to a loan counselor who works with them to review income, employment history, debts, credit record, projected housing payments, and estimated closing costs. A credit and budgeting class is offered for families who need to stabilize their expenses and savings before they can purchase a home.

Loan counselors help their clients understand and fill out loan applications and prepare for their interviews with bank loan officers. Counselors match applicants with the various loan programs with which MHANY has negotiated loan products. These products are sometimes exclusive and have underwriting guidlines favorable to low and moderate income homeowners. MHANY counseling staff is available to advocate for hombuyer with banks throughout the whole process. The program offers post-purchase counseling to the occasional household that falls delinquent in their payments; we also accept referrals from selected banks to provide counseling for their delinquent accounts in our neighborhoods to head off situations in which a family might lose their home.

MHANY Management Inc. also owns and manages over 1300 rental units throughout New York City. The core neighborhoods of focus are Eastern/Central Brooklyn, South Bronx and East Harlem. MHANY also co-developed its first project in Paterson, New Jersey in 2009.  MHANY's Partnership Works program provides referrals and empowerment workshops for residents that live in MHANY-owned and managed buildings.