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Lesma's Story

26 November 2013
MHANY - in the business of helping homeowners save their homes from foreclosure!

Lesma Phillips is another happy homeowner whom has benefited from the tireless work of MHANY Management, Inc.'s professional Foreclosure Prevention Counselors. Lesma bought her home in April 1996 and for a few years all went well until a fire nearly destroyed her home and almost simultaneously she had an accident at her job and had to go on disability. These misfortunes of life caused her to have financial difficulty and eventually she couldn't afford to keep up with her mortgage and other debt payments. For over a year she tried to work with her lender on her own to get a mortgage modification in an attempt to save her home from foreclosure but to no avail. Frustrated, she hired an attorney but results were still almost non-existent. One day she received a mailing about MHANY's Foreclosure Prevention program and decided to reach out for help. MHANY's Certified Housing Counselor walked her through the long process of negotiation with her lender and creditors, giving necessary advice along the way. Although the process took 3 more years (a total 4 years) and she was turned down many times, they both never gave up. Her application was repackaged and updated each time and they restarted new negotiations with her lender. Following her counselor's advice, she was also able to pay off credit arrearages during those years. Patience and persistence finally paid off! Lesma was offered a mortgage modification in early October 2013 saving her over $400 monthly and making her payments affordable. Lesma says she is thankful she made the call to MHANY Management, Inc. and is very grateful for the patience and perseverance of her housing counselor!

"MHANY Management, Inc. helped me save my home. Thank You!"

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